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How to Insert Figure and Table Captions in Word

Sample figure with caption

This tutorial shows how to insert figure and table captions in Microsoft Word. The benefit of using Word’s caption tool, as opposed to just typing the caption under each figure or table, is that the caption numbers will automatically update as you add figures or tables. Steps: 1. Right-click on the first figure or table

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Stick figure painting of roses in PPT

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0917\--- (11)\%6R2TX20JN`L5RUG@Q]OBJB.png

  Stick figure painting of roses in PPT Steps: 1. After opening the PPT first, select a blank presentation to create a blank PPT document, and delete the default text box in the blank document, leaving no options. 2. In the second step, click Insert – Shape – Line – Select Curve to draw a

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How to Merge Shapes Together in PowerPoint

Much like the Shape Path Operations tool in Photoshop, Powerpoint 2013’s Merge Shapes option allows you to combine, intersect, fragment, or subtract from shapes with ease. Use the steps below to utilize this feature. Steps: 1. Launch Powerpoint 2013. 2. Switch to the Insert tab. 3. Click the Shapes button, choose the shape that you

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How to Remove All Notes from Slides at Once

In Powerpoint, people often use the notes function to record additional information. When these documents are shared, you may not want them to also see these notes. Instead of removing the notes one by one, these directions will remove all notes from your slides at once. Steps: 1. Open your Powerpoint document. 2. Go to

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How to draw a flow chart in word


  How to draw a flow chart in word Steps: 1. Open the word document and select [Insert]–[Shape] in the menu bar; 2. Select the square first, draw a square shape, modify the border and fill color; 3. After the modification is completed, select the arrow shape tool; 4. Draw the arrow and draw a

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