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How to save Excel as a PDF?

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How to save Excel as a PDF? Sometimes Excel spreadsheets need to be converted to pdf format, so how do you do that? Let me introduce you briefly now. Steps: 1. First open the Excel file to be converted to pdf with Excel, click [File] in the upper left corner of Excel. 2. Then select

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Arithmetic sequence padding in excel

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  Learn the convenient skills of Excel and let your work and study get twice the result with half the effort! Steps: 1. Open the Excel. Enter the number “5” in A1 and the number “6” in A2. 2. Drag the mouse to select A1 and A2. 3. When the mouse cursor changes to “+”,

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How to merge cells in Excel?

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  Excel is office software, but what about merging cells? It doesn’t matter, now I will teach you how to merge cells with excel. Steps: 1. First open excel 2. Enter the word you want to use in the form. 3. Check the merged cell, if you don’t understand, see the picture. 4. Right click

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How to create a calendar in EXCEL?

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  EXCEL is a very good data processing software. We often need to use the calendar during the use. Now we will introduce how to use EXCEL to create a calendar. Steps: 1. Click on “File” and then click on “New” 2. Search for “calendar” in the “New” 3. Click on the 12-month calendar to

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Making art words in Excel


  Excel can not only create tables for data statistics, but also text editing, making text into individual artistic words, and make your documents more beautiful. Let’s take a look at how to make artistic words in excel. Steps: 1.Open Excel 2. Find the Insert menu in the menu bar above, as shown 3. Find

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How to create a new excel


  Excel is often used in daily work, but many times we open the excel form that others have done. Today I will teach you how to create a new form. Steps: 1. First right click on the blank space on the desktop, pop up a window, select New, then select mircosoft excel. 2. At

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How to set auto save in Excel?

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Excel office skills. How do computer users automatically save settings for Excel? Where is the Excel Table Tool Auto Save feature set? Steps 1. Setting auto save in Excel: Computer users first need to open Excel on their computer. 2. Setting auto save in Excel: After opening Excel, click on the “File” option in the

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