Stick figure painting of roses in PPT

Stick figure painting of roses in PPT


Stick figure painting of roses in PPT


1. After opening the PPT first, select a blank presentation to create a blank PPT document, and delete the default text box in the blank document, leaving no options.

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0917\--- (11)\N5PNGUYO~DX{}ECPBVEQXC1.png

2. In the second step, click Insert – Shape – Line – Select Curve to draw a Y-shaped pattern on the edit page. Use the curve to draw a bit more rounded.

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0917\--- (11)\HKSH_9U%48NNCSS14K[7Q)2.png

3. In the third step, the free curve is also selected by inserting the shape, and a sleeping 6-shaped pattern as shown in the following figure is drawn.

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0917\--- (11)\(XBXEF@_O(Z(B5Z69[4Y2TA.png

4. Then use the curve to draw an arc above the 6-shaped flower. Click on the mouse when you need to bend it, then draw down and draw a leaf.

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0917\--- (11)\WMGA2IITME~YN2X6%2B~)RD.png

5. Then follow the method of step 4 and draw a petal on the other side of the flower, and then use the curve to connect the Y-shaped branches with the flowers.

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0917\--- (11)\ZYS92G99K748ZG4(R72HCKB.png

6. Finally, use the curve to draw two more petals on both sides of the trunk. Note that when you use the curve to change the arc, use the mouse to click and then convert the angle to draw. Such a rose is drawn.

C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\0917\--- (11)\%6R2TX20JN`L5RUG@Q]OBJB.png


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